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CM Manual of Freemasonry

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Manual en Ingles.

If we make ourselves acquainted with all that Masons know of their freemasonry, we shall find a blank, and that, in fact, they know nothing worthy of being called a secret. I am of opinion, that nothing useful to be known should be made a secret, and that there is nothing of the kind a secret among mankind. I hold, that the mere profession of having such a secret is a vice. The question reasonably arises, why should it be a secret? Of Freemasons, I boldly say, that they have no secret; but there is a secret connected with their association, and they have not known it. The late Godfrey Higgins once observed to me, without explanation, that there were but two Masons in England—himself and the Duke of Sussex. I put in a claim to be a third. He asked me to explain, on the condition that he was not to commit him-self by any observation. I did so, as here set forth. He smiled and withdrew. The secret is now out. I will clear up the doubt and difficulty and teach Masonry to Ma-sons.

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